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20 gallon fish tank for sale. Come with all of the accessories as shown in the pictures as well as a bubbler and cleaning supplies. Also has daytime/nighttime light settings. Asking $200

Our all-glass 20-gal aquarium has sides and a bottom of triple-strength, clear glass welded together with silicone rubber. this strong, leakproof aquarium will last. Find great deals on ebay for 20 gallon fish tank in aquariums. shop with confidence..

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    Selling my 20 Gallon complete fish tank plus a breeding group (1 male and 2 females) of african blue peacock cichlid for $ 50.
    Only tank plus all accessories are for $35.
    Just need to get rid of this to make some room.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Can anyone recommend a good filter for a 20 gallon fish tank. I currently have an Aqueon power filter 20 but I do not like the fact that you have to throw away the filter cartridge when it needs replacing. I do not think bacteria is accumulating well. I also put a Bio Bag in there too but the ammonia in the tank just gets worse....