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Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 20 gallon


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Selling my 20 Gallon complete fish tank plus a breeding group (1 male and 2 females) of african blue peacock cichlid for $ 50.
Only tank plus all accessories are for $35.
Just need to get rid of this to make some room.

Thanks for looking.

Showcase video of my recent 20 Gallon Community Fish Tank.

Fishes: 8 neon tetras, 2 gouramis, 1 baby cichlid, 2 clown loaches, 1 chinese algae eater.

Camera: Canon 5DM2 with 24mm, 50mm and 135mm

Music: Nujabes - Childs Attraction

20 Gallon Long Fish Tank - YouTube

Hall of Flowers: 20 gallon fish tank

20 gallon fish tank for sale. Come with all of the accessories as shown in the pictures as well as a bubbler and cleaning supplies. Also has daytime/nighttime light settings. Asking $200

Few things worry an aquarist like the thought of a slow leak draining an aquarium through the night or an accidental bump leading to breakage. With SeaClear Rectangular 20 Gallon Aquarium Combos, you don’t need to worry about an aquarium leak or break any more. This acrylic aquarium is incredibly durable, and its high-quality seams are virtually leak-proof. SeaClear Rectangular 20 Gallon Aquarium Combos are made of tough acrylic. In fact, acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass. This acrylic aquarium can hold up to a little rough usage. Despite its strength, acrylic is also relatively lightweight compared to glass. This can make transporting, lifting and setting up the 20 gallon fish tank a little easier. Another big benefit of acrylic is that it doesn’t corrode in saltwater. That means you can use this 20 gallon fish tank for saltwater or freshwater use. If you’ve always dreamed of giving a saltwater aquarium a try, this acrylic aquarium will provide you plenty of years of solid use. SeaClear Rectangular 20 Gallon Aquarium Combos are constructed to be nearly leak-proof. The seams are molecularly bonded and heat polished, so that they are incredibly strong and long lasting. You won’t ever have to worry about a leak draining your aquarium while you are away from the home. This 20 gallon fish tank comes with a fluorescent light fixture (bulb not included) so that you can illuminate your underwater showpiece. If you are ready to take on the satisfying challenge of creating a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, make sure you start with a sturdy tank that will give your fish, plants and underwater life a safe home. This SeaClear 20 gallon aquarium will not disappoint!