65 gallon aqueon fish tank setup - YouTube

All Glass Aquarium AAG12302 with One Over Flow Pump, 65-Gallon, Fluorescent


Our 65 Gallon Fish Tank ~ Jan. 24th, 2016

The first thing that impressed me most with the Oceanic 65 Gallon fish tank is it's dimensions. So often, especially in the smaller sizes, you will see a low height, small front to back depth, and wide tank. The 65 Gallon tank is more like a cube than a rectangle. It allows you to "aquascape" with a little more freedom than a typical aquarium and the depth and height that you can go with the rock seems to be a lot more natural looking scene.

65 gallon fish tank with Bubba the Tiger Oscar. Used black gravel and driftwood for a hardscape look. Post any comments or suggestions, I just set this tank up and thinking of some different options.

65 gallon planted fish tank with soil dirt and gravel.

  • 65 Gallon Fish tank pre owned
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  • Powder finish for extra moisture resistance