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American Fishing Wire Tooth Proof Stainless Steel Single Strand Leader Wire, Size 12, Camo Brown Color, 174 Pound Test, 30-Feet


American Fishing Wire, Hi-Seas and Triple Fish Line & Leader

American Fishing Wire's quality far exceeds the competition, and is a proven performer when matched against the powerful bite of big toothy fish. No matter what the catch, American Fishing Wire can help reel it in with a wide assortment of trolling wire, fishing leaders, Hi-Seas Fishing Line, and fishing accessories and tools.

As an alternative to pre-made steel leaders, thin, supple, tieable wire leader enhances lure action and stealthiness while providing necessary break strength and bite-off resistance. American Fishing Wire’s Surflon Micro Supreme, a 49-strand nylon-coated wire, is thin and supple, and can be tied with loop, clinch, and uni-knots to lure, and double uni-knot to connect leader to mainline. Twenty-pound test covers most pike situations, while 13-pound is ideal for the smallest and lightest presentations.

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    Our standard shark rig on the Insufishent Funds is fairly simple. We use 15 feet of 480-pound-test American Fishing Wire multi-strand cable connected to a 500-pound-test AFW Mighty Mini Swivel with 10 feet of AFW 240-pound-test single-strand wire connected to the hook. For our weighted rig, we add a 3-ounce weighted swivel in between the multi-strand and single strand. If drift conditions are faster than 3 knots, we add additional weight to the rig with a rubber band. Mustad 7699d hooks work the best in sizes ranging from an 8/0 for small baits, all the way up to the 11/0 for our largest strip baits.

    Made from high strength, corrosion resistant Type 304 stainless steel, American Fishing Wire 49-Strand 7x7 cable provides excellent protection against Shark. This cable provides excellent kink resistance and bite protection. Oftentimes when a Shark strikes a bait, they twirl violently. This motion can kink single strand leader wire and can actually be more destructive to your tackle than the fierce bite. American Fishing Wire 49-Strand resists kinking, wrestles back, and allows you to hook up and haul in.