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The conventional fishing reel chosen to use for our project is the Avet SXJ Conventional Reel. This reel is the smallest reel that the Avet fishing company offers. This reel is a jigging version (meaning it obtains a smaller spool but still has all of the same parts) of the Avet SX. The Avet SXJ Conventional Reel has a total of 74 parts and covered by the United States patent number.

Since the dawn of time, the sport of fishing was not only invented to provide a healthy source of food, but also as healthy source of amusement for all of man to enjoy. As time progressed, the sport of fishing has been innovated to help catch an abundance of water dwellers. The fishing reel, our tool of choice, has more than just one form worldwide. However, the United States favors a particular type of fishing reel that has been tried and tested, the Avet Conventional Fishing Reel. The Avet fishing reels are usually applied to saltwater habitants which obtain the larger fish weighing over 100lbs. Such a fishing reel is diligent in strength and agility. The Avet reel allows the fishing line to cast straight outward and to reel back in by its spinning reel.

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Made With Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel Components.

Avet was the first in the industry to offer the 2-speed lever drag casting reel, with a push button to easily shift between high and low gears even while cranking or when a fish is running. Their standard single speed casting reels feature an adjustable, pre-set lever drag system with Avet’s Avedrag dry drag technology. Both single and 2-speed Avet reels are also available with their M.C. Cast control system, with adjustable polar amplification technology for reduced backlash. If you’re looking for the big score, you’ll want either an Avet Raptor Series reel with a ratcheting drag lever and dual caliper brake system, or their revolutionary 3-speed lever drag big game reels for everything from deep dropping to brute winching power. Make sure to check out our product reviews and expert staff knowledge to make sure you’re getting the right Avet fishing reel for your needs.