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This TetraMin Baby Fish Food is staple food for young fish up to 1cm in length.

It is rich in protein to encourage healthy growth.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): H 6 x W 4.7 x D 4.7 cm

Tropical baby fish food is specially formulated to contain a mix of highly nutritious ingredients, as well as vitamins, minerals and.

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Baby fish food.
If you're rearing your own baby Triops then you'll eventually need some powder baby fish food to feed them. This type of food is designed for baby fish (fry) and is made of very fine particles of food. They contain a mixture of fish, oil and plant for a balanced diet. They will float for a time before sinking. Please ensure you use very little, a standard sized baby fish bottle will last a very very long time and if yo feed too much then there is a real risk of killing the babies because the uneaten food rots the water.

Powdered Omnivore Fry Baby Fish Food Guppy Platy Swordtails etc

Our range of baby tropical fish food is designed to cater to the nutritional requirements of most baby tropical fish; this is to maintain a healthy immune system for your baby tropical fish.

Newly hatched koi in your pond? Here is a great baby koi fish food diet to put some growth between those fins. An offspring of our Beni Koi Food is our own standard fry koi food. Formulated for growth, this food is sold for life stages. Packaged in foal seal ziptop bags for freshness! This food like all Beni is manufactured fresh every spring!