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To help make your tackle selection easier I have put together two complete lists of terminal tackle that I would take on most beach fishing safaris. The first list is designed for the light beach work whilst the second is targeted towards heavier surf. I should mention that I don’t use the Paternoster style rigs which are common in our Southern States but prefer a rolling ball sinker with which I can walk the gutters to cover more ground.

You will find it necessary to have at least two outfits when beach fishing, one for flicking small baits into the low tide drains and gutters, the other for tossing big baits out ‘yonder’ in anticipation of something big!

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Its content comes from information I have gathered over many years while working for Alvey Reels Australia and I hope it helps make your beach fishing trip a success and ultimately rewards you with a better catch.

Like any sport though, there are of course tips, tricks and advice that can enhance your performance. This article is a great place to start for any newcomer to beach fishing so I have tried to keep it basic, yet provide sufficient information to get you well on your way.