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Big Bass FishingStructure - is a change in the bottom of a body of water. Examples would be creek-channels, humps, rock piles, bluff walls and points. Within structure there are breaklines. Breakline a hard edge where there is found a distinct change in depth. Examples would be the edges of a channel or a stair step slope. Migration occurs when bass move along a route from from shallow to deep water or vice versa. This movement almost always follows a path of breaklines and cover along those lines. As we humans stop to grab a bite or a brief rest when on the road, so too do bass. Their pit stops, if you will, include stumps, weed beds and brush piles.

All of these baits have good big bass potential. Some are subtle, and some are not. One trick I use when big bass fishing is to keep a follow-up rod rigged with either a SS, single pour Salty Stinker or a Fluke bait. I chuck these out when a fish misses my offering or if I need a little more stealth. It has worked for me too many times to discount its success.

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The most important thing I need to stress is preparation. Organize your boat in a manner that you can chase a big bass around it if necessary. Remember your pliers, your scale, a net, your camera and or video equipment. I recently built a mount on my boat for a video camera as I plan to do a ton of big bass fishing this season and want to document it. Don't be caught out there with the fish of a lifetime without a scale or camera to document it with.
Make sure you have all of the necessary tools while out on the water. You may need to quickly repair a trolling motor or do a little dentist work. I have a holster on my boat seat that holds my tools and keeps them within arms reach. I recommend the Rapala tools and the De Barb. This can go a long way in saving a deep hooked fish. Make sure you use this advice for good and not evil. Release all of the big fish you catch. If you want a mount consider a fiberglass model. They look just as good and last longer.