bluegill sunfish - caught 5+ of these:

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Bluegill fishing may be the purest form of angling

Bluegill fishing is fun, but catching a really big bluefish is even more fun! And the most enjoyable is eating the tasty, golden-fried fish! Therefore you need to study a little about the location of the fish in every season, so that you can catch them anytime of the year and find opportunities for partying with buddies. is no longer a difficult task as stocking has made fishing for the yummy ‘gills possible anywhere in the US, and also in parts of Northern Mexico and Southern Canada. However, you have to learn to find them in each season according to their movements. The study of Bluegillology is interesting.

The males guard the newly hatched fish (called "fry"), for a few days, then abandon them to their own luck. Most will be eaten by predators, but enough survive to keep the bluegill population intact and provide good bluegill fishing for the future.

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    When the surface temperature gets to about 68-69 degrees, the bluegills spawn. Males build nests in really shallow water. We're talking between 1 and 2 1/2 feet deep. The bigger bluegills tend to be slightly deeper than the others. Bluegill fishing starts to heat up.

    Here are a few key bluegill fishing tips: Fish will use the spawning areas you've found year after year, so your efforts at locating bluegill bedding sites could pay off for decades.