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A lot of concern about whether a fish is a bottom feeder or not stem from dietary concerns often related to religion. The belief that the consumption of bottom feeding fish is wrong comes from the idea that because they eat and clean things from the floor of their environments, including algae and uneaten remnants of food left from other organisms, they are unclean and therefore unfit to eat. However, the consumption of bottom feeders has been proven to be more sustainable in terms of the consumption of seafood because these animals are at the bottom of the food chain and tend to reproduce most quickly.

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    Names of some bottom feeder fish include cod, catfish, eel, grouper and various types of flatfish. A bottom feeder fish is characterized by living near or at the bottom of a body of water.

    Additional types of bottom feeder fish include haddock, carp, snapper, bass and some species of shark. The various types of bottom feeder flatfish are flounder, sole, halibut and plaice.