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Aqueon 1-Gallon Mini Bow Aquarium Kit, Black


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aqua one 6ft bow front fish tank come with two Pond Soloutions 1400LPH external filters plus one spare Pond Soloutions 1400LPH external filter. three in total. two heaters one is 500 watt and the other is 300 watt. one power head, one varible speed air pump with twin outlets. tank is in very good condition just needs a clean. also artificial plant, tree trunks, pebbles for the bottom as seen in the picturers. this is a very eye catching tank, and very well made. and it's in very good condition. will need some attention to lights, (only two out of the eight are working). but i have got included in the sale, two 5 meter LED multi coloured with remote which controls LED lights. which will need fitting. i think it might just be the starters, but very hard to get too. this will hold 620L of water. their is no leaks on this tank, it is water tight. you will need four men at least and a van to remove this tank.

For the price, I was honestly surprised by everything that this tank delivers. Within the package, I received the aquarium, filter, hood, water conditioner and even some premium food for my Betta fish. With all of this, you need nothing more to get started. And not to mention bow front fish tanks of around 5 gallons or less size are especially useful for keeping Betta fishes, so this one should be really suitable for that purpose as well.

The auction is for a large, bow fronted fish tank/aquarium with stand

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54 gallon Corner Bow Front fish tank Aquarium combo $400
tank, stand, glass top, light, Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter good for upto a 100 gallon tank

*** tank measures approximately from corner to corner 38" Long x from rear corner to front middle bow 28" x overall height 54"

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So, we discussed quite a bit about bow front aquariums, various types of them, and various advantages and disadvantages that they possess. Now let’s take a look at some of the best offerings among bow front fish tanks.

When viewing the fish directly from the front, it is possible to get a better view of the fish than seeing the fish tank from the sides. So, bow front fish tanks present an obvious advantage in the form of more front surface area than traditional rectangular aquariums. These tanks tend to be just as easy to clean and maintenance. I’ve never had a problem trying to clean the tank and actually feel that it gives the fish more room to retreat to, during the cleaning process. If you’re going with fishes that especially long, I highly recommend a curved front aquarium, as they give the fish more room to roam around.