An article on how to breed Angelfish.

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Kristian Meier from AquaSearch farm ApS states: "When we know the link between the DNA and the traits, we can develop a model that allows us to identify the breeding fish at home with the DNA profiles that are best suited for different production environments."

Researchers from Aarhus University and AquaSearch farm ApS will now develop a breeding tool that makes it possible to select the best fish for breeding, while maintaining the high level of veterinary safety. The idea is to develop a genomic breeding tool that allows the breeders to find the breeding fish with the best traits for a given production environment without having to test them in this environment first.

Breeding goldfish is not as easy as it sounds

  • Jenell

    i breeded the vampire and fairy fish it is taking 36 hrs but im on level 28 and dont see a diamond fish in my fish store im hatching it tommorow ill tell u if its a diamond shape it costs 30 000 to breed the fish i was just breeding fish by random if i get it i think it will be my lucy day

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    Getting That First Angelfish Spawn: If you bought a proven breeding angelfish pair, it doesn't mean they will spawn immediately. The trip to their new home may have thrown them off their breeding cycle. They may go through a few weeks of adjustment. Try to make them feel secure, house them in a quiet location and preferably place their aquarium on a high stand or rack. The movement of your head going by is not as fast as the speed of your legs walking by. You should not put them in with other fish, especially other angelfish. They usually spawn much more readily when they are by themselves. Breeding most ornamental strains of angelfish is not considered especially difficult, but even the easiest fish may give you poor results if they have not been kept in good condition or have been exposed to diseases. Give them good water conditions and a steady supply of high quality food and you may be able to bring them back into breeding form. A sign of a poorly conditioned angelfish is one that eats very little, or is visibly thin and without vigor. Sometimes, these angelfish can be brought into spawning condition. If not, chances are they have a parasite or other pathogen.

    Personally, I would recommend that you breed fish for the sheer pleasureof it, rather than turning your fun hobby into a business venture. Thereis nothing like seeing a pair of ciclids court, disappear into a cave, andemerge in a few days with a swarm of babies.