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Gone Fishing Assorted Candy - 1 Lb


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When candy fish is activated, it will randomly target a blocker or a regular candy and swim to it, if there are no blockers. Every candy or blocker that it destroys, it will give 3x as many points it supposed to give, for example: 20 x 3 = 60 for candies and most blockers; 1000 x 3 = 3000 for honey bears, etc. However, no points will be given to the player if it hits an empty space. Points from frosting bears will not be multiplied, it is not a blocker.

Catching the candy fish and putting them in the offering plate during the ice fishing event will reward players with a variety of winter trinkets. Fill the bowl enough and the candy Kos’karii will appear, ready to battle. Defeat it to earn even more festive rewards.

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  • Candy fish can not be made in Candy Crush Saga, They have somewhat different functions.
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    This year, thanks to Q, players have the chance to learn the secret ice fishing techniques of the Klingons. Join other captains in catching candy fish from beneath the ice over a lake, then offer the fish in an attempt to summon and defeat a giant candy Kos’karii.

    It seems Q dug around in the warrior race’s past and learned about them punching their way through the ice to the fish below. Although, Q’s event might be a tad bit less warrior-like than one might expect… You see, you’ll be going after candy fish.