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Radio Ranger ll" 34" Remote Control Fishing Boat UPGRADED 2.4Ghz Remote System

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Changing Tactics, Catching Fish

We camped below Bull Shoals dam, rented a aluminum boat with a 10hp at a boat dock on the lake, and off we went for 3 days of fishing. Now do not think we had a clue, we had way less than a clue. Not only of what to do, but where to do it. Bull Shoals is a monster to a kid from the Midwest used to fishing ponds. I did not know they made them that big. And not only did we not catch a fish, we did not have a stinkin’ bite all 3 days. So the obvious logical conclusion – Quit your job, do not even bother to drop out of college, just load the Gremlin with a tent and $125 and move to Arkansas to be a fishing guide. Of course not knowing anyone or anything never stopped me. In fact, I did not even know Mtn. Home was there. I just knew there were some fish in there somewhere. Talk about clueless, I was truly a Rebel without a Clue!

There is absolutely nothing better after a long day on the water than finishing it off with these kind of vittles. The boys can not only catch fish, but they sure as hell know how to eat! So I will be replacing line, gluing baits on jig heads, oiling reels, buying more baits, getting my stuff ready, and buying more baits. And did I say buying more baits? At 63 I get just as excited as that little guy who peddled his ass off on that Schwinn with visions of leaping lunkers driving him on. Now it may be a fancy truck and high dollar gear, but the feeling is the same – We Are Going Fishing! And NO, if I told you where we were eating I would have to kill you!

Avoiding the Wind and Catching Fish

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Catching Fish and Bringing Home the Cash

The second miraculous catch of fish is also called the "miraculous catch of 153 fish," and seems to recall the first catch. It is reported in the of the () and takes place after the .

Bass: Fair to good. Buckeye Lures reports that fish are moving into a pretty strong fall pattern. A variety of surface-oriented lures including Spooks, floating worms and buzzbaits have all been catching fish.