Homemade Centre Pin Fishing Reel - Version 3 - Duration: 5:42

Maxcatch Center Pin Float Reel Super Smooth Floating Fishing Reel


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Centerpin fishing, also called float fishing or center pin fishing, is a which uses a noodle or mooching , a and or an . The method is used behind boats for fishing in , and is currently popular with freshwater anglers who drift floats downstream. Directional floats can also be used. These can be planed left and right and flip direction when given a little tug by flicking the rod tip.

Hi Wesley, thanks for looking in. I think as a level entry pin this reel is great value. People that are new to centrepin fishing certainly won’t want to be spending £200-£300 on a pin. It works well, spins freely but yes there are one or two areas where the reel is perhaps poorly constructed, like the ratchet. Over all though good value and a very usable product.

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I recently purchased a TFG Classic Centrepin from Fishtec. It’s a stunning looking reel. I ordered mine with the optional line guard, which you fit yourself very easily.

The Shimano Clarus Centerpin Rod features specially designed IM-8 Carbon blanks perfect for traditional centerpin style fishing. These rods double as great float rods when you get into that situation. Clarus Centerpin Rods also feature Grade A cork handles, Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides and Pac Bay sliding rings.