A crazy fish at the Asian Market on 6th

Crazy Fish


I went to Crazy Fish for the 1st time last night

Colorful fish swims among tropical coral reefs. Crazy fish, the fear of the ocean, hunts fishes smaller than him and try to avoid the bigger predator fishes. As he eats he grows, making him the most lethal predator in the sea, except for the shark of course.

Crazy fish are caught and sold for the trade. They are also edible and are sometimes fished for human consumption. They are reasonably abundant and are classified as by the .

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Crazy fish are , preying on , small fishes, and worms. They are territorial and are most active at twilight and at night.

Just Wonderful !This time I tried other sushis. I recommend to people to try the Tartare and the Gunkan.1st time for business ans this time with my family. Everyone love it !Even the cocktails are incredible !Bravo to all the staff for the service. Perfect !Crazy fish is the best place in Geneva for sushi,...