17. Ceratias holboelli (Krøyer's deep sea angler fish) 2

The Fish With the Deep Sea Smile


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You take photographs with the fish caught fresh from water. If at all your fishing attempt failed, you can join those who caught good number of fishes and can capture the moments in your camera along with your loved ones.
The fish mostly available on the waters of Dubai are Kingfish, Cobia, Queen-fish, Orange Spot Trevally, Big Eye Trevally, Long tail Tuna, Yellow tail Barracuda, Emperor, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel and Bonito.
Deep Sea Fishing trip is a ‘must do’ water based activity in Dubai. Enjoy your day on the water and bring back the memories to stay fresh throughout.

You move towards the deck facing the open sea and its cool breeze. The excitement kick starts when you cast the fish line attached with the bait to the waters. The crew onboard suggests the right spot to have a good catch. You wait for the moment with anticipation. Once you feel movement on the road you get the winners smile. The most interesting part of the deep sea fishing trip is the tug of war with the fish, to take it back to the boat, it involves lot of action and energy and the thrill is spread to all while reeling the fish back to the deck.

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Lanternfish (Symbolophorus barnardi). Deep sea fish found off Bass Strait, Australia.

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Some have the ability to produce light through bioluminescence. Most light producing fish live in mid-water or are bottom dwelling deep sea species. In fish, bioluminescence can occur two different ways, through symbiotic bacteria living on the fish, or through self-luminous cells called photophores. Some species of deep sea angler fish may use this light to attract prey, while others, like the Atlantic midshipman, may use this light to attract mates.

One look at a fangtooth and it's easy to see how this fish got its name: like many deep sea fishes, a fangtooth has large, sharp teeth for capturing food that comes its way.