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Digital fishing scale High precision strain gauge sensors system Capacity:10kg/5g,20kg/5g,40kg/10g (Unit: g kg oz lb) Graduation:d=5g/10g Large LCD size:40×23 mm Blue backlight function Tar...

Digital Fishing Scale 50x0.02kg Capacity50kgReadability0.02kgWeighing unitskg, lbBacklight displayBlueAuto power off30 secondsAuto Hold readingLow battery indicatorMeasureme...

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    digital fishing scales handing scale Handing Digital Personal Scale,Electronic/Digital Personal Weight Scale,Handing Scale ,Portable Scale,Fishing Scale Model NO:PES-OCS8 Capacity:25kg Division:0.01kg Certi...

    We’re talking about quality fish weighing scales in this article, not cheap ones that will break or fail to turn on in 6 months. The bigger the fish you catch, the better your digital scale needs to be. The best will last many years and weigh a few cubic shed loads of fish. Here are some digital fish scale reviews to give you an idea of the top options available to you.