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Wildgame Innovations low Profile Directional Fish Feeder Kit


Wildgame Innovations Quick Set 300# Directional Fish Feeder

Aqua-Pro / WGI / Remington Directional Fish Feeder - DIGITAL / 6V Battery and 6V Mono-Crstiline Solar Panel IS INCLUDED! This 2 piece, waterproof, deer/fish/wildlife "directional throw" feeder comes standard with a 40 gallon capacity barrel / 150 lb capacity barrel and "state of the art" directional throw digital power control electronics unit. Hinged lockable latch lid and funneled bottom;

The powerful motor spins the large, 8 fin impeller plate similar to those used in industrial air moving systems. This creates a superior feed distribution than systems with smaller, diagonal impellers. Handles a large variety of feed: 1/8 to 1/2 pellet, and no feed is dropped within 5 feet of the feeder. This is the most reliable and time tested technology for directional fish feeders.

Low profile directional fish feeder kit

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Automatic & Directional Fish Feeders - Living Water Aeration

The Wildgame Digital Directional automatic fish Feeder Kit works for both deer and fish feeding. If you have a shooting lane or small area that a directional feeder would only work in a small alley, this feeder will throw deer corn in a narrow pattern to feed a shooting lane well. As an auto fish feeder, it throws in one direction keeping feed off the bank, feeding the fish more than feeding the coons/squirrels.

Regardless the size of your pond, having a fish feeder on the water will help your fish grow and be more healthy. Fish feeders are perfect for game fish such as large mouth bass as well as catfish. We carry a variety of fish feeders including post mount fish feeders, ones that sit on the ground and also hanging feeders. All of these are directional fish feeders so they will throw feed into the water and not everywhere else. Make your fish happy and get a fish feeder for your pond today.