Freshwater Discus Fish and Babies

How to Care for Discus Fish Like an Expert (Aquarium and Turtle Mastery Book 3)

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Discus Fish Babies Turquoise discus fish with lots of discus fry

Most, (but not all) of these can usually be slowed down by salt, and I would choose salt treatment at .3% (three tenths of one percent) solution for any other fresh water fish but not for Discus. Please do NOT add salt in to Discus fish tank. It will do them no good and can hurt them. Discus are from soft, acid water environments and although they are fairly adaptable today from breeding, salt is not for them.

With a growth-oriented strategy, it seems possible that Discus Fish could continue to grow in size and influence relative to the overall size of the network.

Public Domain Photos and Images: Discus fish of the genus Symphysodon

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From there, the company soon branched off into related projects, including a China-based bitcoin news venture and a scrypt ASIC project called , which also runs a separate litecoin mining operation in addition to Discus Fish. According to Wang, these side projects are independent of Discus Fish, and the team is still focused on long-term growth.

A meeting with Mao and a couple of other businessmen interested in bitcoin soon resulted in the formation of Discus Fish. Wang said that the pool discovered a block on its first day of operation, which helped it gain attention and led to an increase in its user base.