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Disney Fish Extender I made for my family

We are just back from a 7 day cruise on the Disney Fantasy where we participated in a Disney Cruise Fish Extender Exchange for the very first time. A Fish Extender Exchange gets its name from the fish themed hooks that are installed outside of each cabin on a Disney ship. People hang pockets from these hooks to exchange gifts very much like Secret Santa with one another. I am assuming if you are reading this post you have booked a cruise and just heard the term Fish Extender and want to know what it is, how to play along and if it is worth it. So, let’s get to breaking down all this Disney Cruise Fish Extender information for you.

The Fish Extenders got their name because they are usually attached to the metal Fish that is right above the stateroom door number. Disney Fish Extenders can be elaborate or very simple. Some will purchase them pre-made (eBay or Etsy), but . All you will need is fabric and a sewing machine capable of making a basic stitch!

My Disney Fish Extender Gifts!!

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    Those who are interested in joining in on the fun of a Fish Extender Exchange, simply find a group hosting an exchange either through The (or similar Disney Fan Site) or via FaceBook. The host of the FE Exchange will supply a spreadsheet with family names, their favorite Disney character and their State Room Number. You will put together a small gift for each person participating and leave them in the pockets of the Disney Fish Extender at some point during your cruise.

    Would you like to know more about The Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender and get some Fish Extender gift ideas? As someone new to the Disney Cruise Liner you might hear the term “Fish Extender” and have absolutely no clue what that means. Or, you may have been on a recent cruise and seen gifts hanging outside some of the rooms and wondered how you could join in on the fun. If you read my you would know what a wonderful experience we had and I definitely feel that the Disney Fish Extender added to that magic. I was lucky enough to have discovered the Fish Extender groups months before my Disney Cruise and was able to prepare ahead of time for the fun!