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Rich in Collagen Skin Beauty Cuisine Tonic High Quality Dried Thick Fish Maw Roll / Hua Jiao 厚花膠筒 魚肚 3 Large Pieces Worldwide Free Airmail


Colombo Dried Dry Fish Maw Fish Sri Lanka L/C,T/T,Western Union

DRIED FISH MAW ROUND SHAPE Our company is Ocean America Food SA OCEAMERSA, we have offices in Ecuador and China. We can offer to you fish maw from Croaker, round shape. We have all the certificates available, and currently we can offer you up to 200

We are one of the leading manufacturers specialize in supplying high quality dried fish Maw used in Food and Specific fish maw for Medicine Capsule or producing beer, with high technology, we assure to bring the best quality Dried fish maw to customers, c

Bangladesh Dried Other, Fish Sun dried Dried Fish Maw

  • dried fish maw with premium quality from vietnam
    US $18.0 - 18.0 / Ton
  • DRIED CAT FISH MAW (Taiwanese Recipe – Flat type)

    My name is George Chin..... We are a supplier/distributor for dried sea cucumber, abalone (live, frozen, dried, canned), frozen coral trout, frozen octopus, dried fish maw (grouper and corvina), scallop (frozen or dried), live spiny red lobster, live geoduck, chill jumbo shirmp, chill fish, frozen sea cucumber,shark fin, dried sea horse (grade A), dried squid and american/korean ginseng root.... We are not a trading company ..... We have our own factory and processing plant in Mexico for most of our seafood products and our own farm in Wisconsin for ginseng...... Our main office is in Los Angeles... We have 2 warehouses and a show room for customer who wants to see our products in Los Angeles....Any buyer are welcome to come to our showroom and check the quality of our products ..... We could supply any buyer from 1 ton to 100 tons per month depending on the product..... Our term of payment is an irrevocable, confirmed, non transferable Letter of Credit, payable in Los Angeles at sight or CIA (cash in advance) in full or T/T in full...... Except Live products such as (live lobster, live abalone, live geoduck), we accept 30% in advance and balance against AWB.....All our Live Products are 99% guarantee to be live at your port..... If you find any dead one, we will replace it with live one on the next shipment.....All our live products comes with Certificate of Origin and Health Certificate.....We will deliver our products once our bank comfirm the payment is clear.....This is our company policy... No Exception.....If you have any question, please email us or give us a call......

    My name is George... We are a supplier/distributor for dried sea cucumber, abalone (frozen, dried, canned), frozen coral trout, frozen octopus, dried fish maw (giant group...