Dry Cure Fish for Better Texture

Fancci Chinese Special Snack Food : LinWu DongJiang Dry Spicy Fish 东江鱼 香辣小鱼仔 235g


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The matter came to light recently when consignments exported to Bangladesh were rejected after chemical analysis revealed high traces of banned drugs and pesticides. Annually, 200 tonnes of dry fish are exported to different parts of India as well as Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Annex 2: Questionnaires Market Survey on Dry Fish Swisscontact Sri Lanka Location: District: Date: Questionnaire – A1
Total Supply of Raw Fish (Primary Producer ----> Buyer)

Market Links in the Retailing of Dry Fish.

 Marine Food Supplies
Dry Fish
Dried Beche-de-mer

Figure 11: Links in the Dry Fish Retail Chains

a. The current production b. Future potential (products, producers, markets) c. Potential for collective selling and marketing system d. Potential markets for the product Q: Is there a potential for supporting home-based dry fish production in Trincomalee area? If yes, what product and for what potential market?

3. Assessment of the export market for dry fish and value added products. This includes an assessment of: a. Relevant markets overseas: International trade flows (producer-trader-client relations and profiles). Sri Lanka’s competitiveness on the international market. b. Conditions to penetrate those markets: tax conditions, quality standards, import restrictions etc. c. Important market forces and players d. Domestic policies regarding the fish export sector, support measures, possible post-tsunami changes. e. International policies and future trends. Q: What are the characteristics of the export market and what is the demand?