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Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife


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You can become a fish-filleting expert with the Mister Twister® Electric Fisherman knife. The extra sharp blade for fast, easy filleting and the quick and convenient blade release take the work out of filleting. Features a safety lock and lightweight, comfortable handle designed for better control. Heavy-duty motor increases motor life. High impact motor housing offers additional protection. And the power cord is expandable so that it stays out of your way. The split stainless steel blade oscillates at just the right speed to slice perfect fillets. It's great for other carving jobs, too. 110V AC. 7" blades.

Whether it's a replacement blade for your favorite electric fish knife or an entire set to get you started, you'll be able to start filleting in no time. Browse replacements for a wide variety of models and brands, as well as starter kits complete with extra batteries, cases and blades.

SALE Berkley 110-Volt Electric Fillet Knife

  • Berkley BCEFK110V -110V ELECTRIC FISH FILLET KNIFE w/8" blade & Carry Bag
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