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As a continuing follow-up to some of the history behind Lowrance and their early electronic units, and since Terry has been on me to post about the old Lowrance books that were published in the 1960s, today we’ll take a quick book review through the first in what became a small series of published documents, “The Facts of Electronic Fishing.”

In Dave’s Facts of Fishing Secret Spots map series, he not only shows you where to catch fish, but he will also identify the different areas that hold different species.

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    Pro Angler, host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer throws a Livetarget wakebait for bass and gets an…

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    "David Wittkower's film, while presenting the harsh facts of fishing, also illustrates the warmth and heart in this industry, and why it is so important to the Gloucester community," the GFWA wrote in its letter announcing the most recent fundraising event for the completion of the film. "If completed, the film will end with hope, presenting the people working to make Gloucester fishing a sustainable 21st century fleet."

    The new season of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW will premiere this weekend on The Score & The Score HD in Canada. Tune in Saturday Jan 7th at 9AM & Sunday Jan 8th at 8AM to see all the action. Once again we will show everything from backlashes to big fish so get ready to laugh, learn & get hooked on the 5th season of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW.