• 3/16" (4.7 mm) Pulling Eye for Fiberglass Fish Tape

Klein Tools 56058 100 Foot Multi-Groove Non-Conductive Fiberglass Fish Tape


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Work faster and more efficiently with the first Laser-Etched Fiberglass Fish Tapes from Klein Tools®. Laser-etched markings allow you to more accurately measure the depth of conduit runs. With the 1” increment markings, you'll know right away how much tape is left to pay out even when the tape is cut.

Jameson's Wee Buddy fiberglass fish tape is designed for inside wiring in occupied conduit as small as 1/2 in. The round rod slides easily over existing wires, especially at bends, and has a smooth, non-binding payout and return to canister. The easy grip design allows for more efficient pushing and pulling when fishing telecom, voice and data or electrical conduit.

Jameson Fiberglass Fish Tape, Duct Rodder & Conduit Rodder

Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
ID-31-156IDEAL S-Class Fiberglass Fish Tape Field Application Repair Kit2.6 lbs

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This set contains everything you need to repair and restore fiberglass fish tapes. The multi-function ratcheting tool cuts and strips tape cleanly and crimps on new attachments. This is a staple tool for every wire-pulling professional.

Do NOT pull a fiberglass fish tape with any type of mechanical fish-tape puller. A mechanical puller will severely damage the tape, and could lead to personal injury.