Give me back that filet o fish!!!

Frankie the Fish wall-mountable singing McDonald's Filet-O-Fish toy (as seen in hit TV commercial)

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Just curious can one get a filet of fish with regular tartar sauce?

Oh lord I am so hungry now. This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I loooove Filet o Fish (by the way, do you remember It cracked me up a stupid amount back in the day.) AND WITH FRIES! Ahhh. Also, your little sister stories are hilarious. hahaha. Ughhhh I LOVE this and I want a million of them!

so sweet! you pickle hater now pickle lover you!! also: FILET O FISH is what i want to eat today. this looks so good!!! (i kind of love tartar sauce way too much!) xoxo

I personally like McDonalds filet o fish just the way it is.

  • Filet O Fish
  • Just curious can one get a filet of fish with regular tartar sauce?

    To recreate the Filet O Fish, I used tilapia fillets. They are less “fishy” than pollock and large enough so that you can (if you want) cut out squares of fish so that your copycat will look like the original. Keep the extra pieces and fry them, too, of course for snacking on. You could also use cod or haddock. I tried breading with plain breadcrumbs and cracker crumbs and felt the cracker crumbs were way better. You can use either the McDonald’s tartar sauce copycat recipe I’ve posted below, or use my , which is a little fancier and less sweet.

    I say “copycat” but really, this version is much tastier than the McDonald’s Filet O Fish sandwich, and more filling with less calories. I think you’ll agree that this isn’t the first time a copycat recipe turned out better than the original.