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"i knocked on the door... mizz picketts ran up to me to give me a 'welcome home hug' i grabbed both of her arms and pushed her away. Still shocked that she seemed happy to see me. Then i was hit with hard memories when i saw her face drop into the rough angry look that i was so familiar with... I asked her if she knew anything about my birth family. She unwillingly said 'I dun know shit about your birth parents'...walking down the stairs i head a light voice, 'elkins, edward elkins'. Fisher, Antwon Q. "finding fish" (2001) 289 Print

"The third session, i have lost 2 hours of the passed two weeks sitting in this room with the last person on earth i want to talk to...i knew what he was doing. he wouldnt force me to talk because he knows how i am. he knows the shell surrounding me at all times must be broken by me, not some doctor. 'He good'". Fisher, Antwon "Finding Fish". (2001) 293 Print.

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    Finding fish is the key to saltwater fishing success in Texas. We’re going to break this important topic into these categories: Where to Fish, Seasonal Patterns, On The Water Clues, and Trip Planning.

    "She beat me, harder then i think ive ever been beat before. The shocking thing was the fact she took off her own shoe to beat me. I was shocked because she had inconvenienced herself just to hurt me. Thats how i knew this had to stop. I had once thought things would get better, they had gotten' worse... I grabbed the shoe right out of her hand, almost breaking mizz picketts fingers. My grasp tight, My anger could have been detected by the way my knuckles turned bone white. The look on her face changed from mad to completely disgusted. 'i want you out of this house. i never want to see your n***** face again." fisher, Antwon Q. "finding fish". (2001) 108 Print.