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5 in 1 Complete Aquarium Fish Tank Clean Set Fish Net + Rake + Scraper + Fork + Sponge


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As families garner inspiration from the Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s grand opening, finding the perfect piranha source becomes paramount to taking that experience home. From tiger sharks to those funky fish that suck the scum out of tanks, these local fish and aquarium supply stores have everything you need to bring the ocean right into your home.

Aquatic Technology is the end all, be all in fish and aquarium supply stores. Although it’s a bit of a drive from Columbia, the specialized service and huge selection the store provides make it well worth the trip. Because the store uses a heavier screening process for both its fish and its supplies, every customer is guaranteed a great experience finding exactly what suits their needs.

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Marine Depot | Aquarium Supplies, Fish Tanks and LED Lights

If fish are your passion, then Marine Fish & Reef is your place. This aquatic super store is filled with a complete selection of saltwater and freshwater fish, plus all those supplies you’ll ever need to keep your aquarium and fish clean, healthy and disease-free. The knowledgeable and highly trained staff can answer any questions you might have and will happily make informed recommendations. This gem of a store has been in business for 17 years and is a great local resource for fish and aquarium supplies.

Owner Greg Housley has been passionate about fish since 1985 and made his dream come true by opening Optimum Aquarium in 2004. Optimum Aquarium offers the ultimate selection of fish and aquarium supplies for salt and freshwater tanks, plus water gardens and ponds. The store also offers money-saving specials, which change weekly. If you’re looking for the best fish and aquarium supplies, a trip to Kennesaw may be in order.