Sit them on any of the Fish Arrow jigheads! They really do go well.

Muzzy Bowfishing Classic Fish-Arrow with Carp Point


Fish Arrow's J-Spinner and J-Buzz - In-Fisherman

The most realistic series of soft lures I've seen! Super versatile too - on a jighead, Dropshot, however you want to fish them! Top tip is to fish them with lightweight 'wacky' jighead and hook them just through the nose, especially for perch or in calm conditions at sea. This applies to all of the Flash J series. By constantly shaking the rod tip on a slow retrieve, the jighead promotes a rolling action in the lure that really gets the lures internal foil flashing away.

This 2'' version and the 3'' model match perfectly to all Fish Arrow Jigheads!

7 per pack

Nearly a half of a century after the late Chuck Woods of Kansas City created the Beetle and Beetle spin, Fish Arrow of Japan is updating Woods’ stellar creation with its J-Spinner. Of course Woods’ Beetle and Beetle spin, as well as his jig-worm rig, created the foundation for many of today’s Midwest finesse tactics.

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Fish Arrow Flash J Soft Plastic Shad / Minnow ..

Following on from the success of the Fish Arrow Flash J Shad and Huddle, a saltwater version with brighter colours has now been released. Fish Arrow Flash Js are the ultimate in soft plastic jerkbaits. The Flash J Saltwater model (SW series) utilities an aluminium foil insert, to replicate the flashes of a minnow and excite any predatory species. This insert even duplicates the bowing of a baitfish’s backbone, to give it a more lifelike darting action. These lures are available in 3” and 4” sizes and in either flickbait or paddle tail styles, which gives you a great choice to imitate the bait in your location. Whether it’s bream or flathead in the estuary or snapper, mulloway and kingfish in the bay or ocean, the options are endless. You can fish the Flash J in the shallows or down deep, rigged just on the hook, weedless or with a jighead. To see the swimming action of the original Flash J, check out the video below.

Instead of attaching a jig spinner to a Beetle-and-jig combo, Fish Arrow attach their J-spinner rig to a jig that sport one of Fish Arrow’s Flash J Series baits, which are available in three styles: a straight-tail, a paddle-tail, and a split-tail.