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Introducing the most potent fish attractant ever devised.
New YUM F2 Ferocity Formula soft plastics produce a massive underwater enzyme release that makes them 30% more attractive to fish than the competition.*

This is the place to get that little "extra" for your next catch. STUMPY'S Fish Attractant! A secret until now, you too can have that "little extra" you need to increase your fish hold times, land more fish and mask offensive odors to fish all at the same time! This is one liquid fish attractant you will want to keep in your fishing scent tackle box. Stumpy's is an excellent Bass fishing attractant, but you can use Stumpy's on all game fish like bream, crappie, catfish, and more! Here's why!

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    blending the mixture (optionally with heating) to produce the fish attractant formulation.
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    BioEdge fish attracting scents contain oils, amino acids, enzymes and pheromones all found in the bait from which they are extracted. Now there are 34 superior scents and many more are in development. Our product smells and tastes like actual bait because it is!

    Bass fisherman will love STUMPY'S as a natural bass fishing attractant. Easy to use, no foul odor and it drives bass crazy. It will mask those smells your get on your hands that fish can smell , especially when they are being finicky. Plus ,STUMPY'S has the scent bass love..GARLIC! Just try some today and see what has been a North Carolina bass fishing secret until now!