How to Make Fish Balls from Scratch?

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White fish balls from traditional fish ball restaurants are made from fresh fish and are normally hand-made (手打) by the owners using traditional techniques.

In , fish balls are called (fish ). The most popular bakso are made of beef, but fish bakso is also available, served with tofu and fish in clear broth soup as , or thinly sliced as additional ingredients in , , and . A similar dish made of fish is called .


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Sizzling Sweet and Sour Rich Fish Balls Recipe

White fish balls are larger in size and made with only fish, no other ingredients are added, and then boiled till done. As a result of this cooking method, these fish balls are white in color. White fish balls should have an elastic (bouncy) and fluffy texture and a strong taste of fish. They are made using a more costly fish, and has a considerably different and . This kind is usually served to complement at restaurants, and at some , which also sell (牛丸) and balls (墨魚丸). Readily available in traditional markets and supermarkets, fish balls are also a popular ingredient for .

Smaller in size, made from cheaper fish than the white variety, they are usually sold at food stalls with five to seven balls on a . The fish balls are usually boiled in a sauce. Virtually every street stall creates its own recipe of sauce to differentiate them from other sellers. Fish balls are one of the city's most popular and representative "street foods" (街頭熟食).