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Lee Fisher Joy Fish Heavy Duty Fish Basket, Green


Fish Basket -Ropak Heavy Duty Plastic Shrimp Basket

I keep an engineer—my handsome husband—on staff and put him in charge of all things construction. While I prep the fish, he and the kids make willow baskets to cook the fish in. (You can also use a commercial fish basket or a wooden plank, but they’re not nearly as fun as the homemade versions.)

Not all children love fish, even if their parents go to great lengths to feed them a variety of healthy foods. One way to make fish more appealing to kids is to cook it over an outdoor fire. In this third post in our four-part series on outdoor cooking, we’ll talk about how to make a fish basket that you and your kids will love.

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  • Plastic fish basket, 6 stone with reinforced handles.

    To make a serviceable fish basket, don’t sweat it too much! Just use lots of binding or even wire to keep your basket together, and it will last long enough to cook your fish. If not, you can all have a good laugh, scrape the fish out of the fire and go get a cast iron pan to fry up your salmon.

    Yes! The panfish are biting! Get out your Floating Fish Basket, fill it up with sunnies or crappies and easily bring home the goods for a fish fry.