marine fishes of beads (Russian)

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Why fish bite beads: Alsbury, the biologist, agrees it's probably a natural instinct for a steelhead to suck in what it believes to be a single egg; a learned feeding reaction from growing up in rivers before heading to sea.

Obviously we fish beads for trout at Alaska West. We also fish mice, sculpins, leeches, flesh flies and more. Plenty of our guests decide not to fish beads, and plenty of our guests decide never to use an indicator. Our trout fishing is actually far more varied than in many other places in Alaska (where bead fishing is the main approach they use).

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I love the ethics discussion. I fish with beads and a bobber and micro jigs. I prefer spinning gear and am sometimes criticized by fly-fisherman. I just say that a strike indicator is a fancy word for bobber and a beaded fly is a jig with the hook facing downward. Great article!

It’s lovely, but so disappointing for me that because I don’t live in the USA I can’t order the fish beads.
I have just searched eBay for some and they aren’t as nice as those. :(