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AMOXFIN (500mg / 30 Capsules) for Fish


Durvet Penicillin Capsule Fish Antibiotic - 250 Miligram

As for me, the book really brought to light that I need to look into alternative healthcare things and have some handy reference manuals just in case. I read on another forum that horse & fish antibiotics are the same as human ABs, but can be bought and stored OTC. Would have to google it to find out what specific named ones were what, but interesting info to file in my brain anyway. The biggest eye-opener in the book was the sanitation problem. It really cycled numerous times through the novel. I store nitrile and latex gloves, but also bleach (which does have to be rotated) & vinegar. We also have a porta potty that I bought a big bottle of extra chems for.

But the surprising reason some people wouldn’t speak on the record is companies selling fish antibiotics are walking a fine legal line. And this fact affects how safe and effective these drugs may be—for fish and humans.

I forgot the fish antibiotics and work gloves and a shovel.

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07-26-2010, 02:55 PM
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There are a lot of threads on here about veterinary meds. Fish antibiotics are the same as human ones and are safe in the same dosages.

Remember too, that you can order antibiotics and other medications from offshore pharmacies cheaply.

Fish Antibiotics for Humans. What You Need To Know…

Despite the fact that buying these meds is common, preppers struggle to find an answer to this seemingly simple question: Are fish antibiotics safe and effective for humans? The only answers provided thus far have been speculative.

Therefore, there is no government oversight regarding the safety, purity or effectiveness of fish antibiotics. Budde likens the lack of FDA scrutiny to that of nutritional supplements: there is no guarantee that the pills contain what the manufacturers say they do, either in amount or purity.