Homemade Fish Birthday Cakes, Sawyer's Possible Birthday Cake

Gangwon Korean Traditional Food Tteokbokki Sweet Sauce+rice Cake Snack,not Spicy


Please list a few things that you serve with your fish cakes.

Your fishcakes look amazing girl! I love that their all crispy and brown. You know what’s funny? I’m a bit intimidated by cooking fish. Lame, I know, but I usually reserve my fish eating to restaurants and barley cook it at home. I think it’s the smell of raw fish that gets to me. Whenever I walk into a grocery store and hit the fish department, my stomach gets a bit queasy due to the smell. Salmon is the one fish that I don’t have a problem with though, and it is a smelly fish.

Luke Nguyen's Vietnamese fish cakes make perfect appetisers just as they are, or for a more substantial bite, wrap them in lettuce leaves with vermicelli noodles and herbs and serve with nuoc cham. The kids will love them too because they're not spicy, but you could always add a little chilli to the mixture for an extra kick.

Also, What type of veggies taste best with these fish cakes?

Fish cakes are so tasty and must be really delicious!

Nope-but it’s almost identical to this one. Just use a pound of crabmeat, and you shouldn’t need to bother with the step of refrigerating the cakes before you cook them. Crab cakes seem to hold together better than fish cakes!

Jessica, Congrats on the Kitchen Daily feature! Wow… the weather has been rainy and stormy here this afternoon and after visiting you wonderful site, I think these crunchy flavorful fish cakes will be so welcome with a cup of coffee:)