Koi Carp. I really like the action in this fish carving.

Fish Carving


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Based on my popular week long class focused on learning the fundamentals of fish carving in all aspects of freshwater / saltwater fish and habitat pieces I have created the new DVD Mastering the Basics series as a replacement for the hands-on class.

Fish Carver's fish carving Patterns for fish carvers

  • The first of my new Mastering The Basics Classroom Series is complete. 11 New titles on DVD.  Over 60 hours of new Fish Carving video instruction.

    Mastering the Basics - The Complete Reference Collection / Mold Making and Casting Reference - Over 8 1/2 Hours DVD Course
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    Mastering the BasicsTools and Equipment
    + Shop Built Tools - Over 5 Hours DVD Course-
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    Mastering the Basics
    Patterns -
    Drawing, Layout, Computer Editing / Design and Adjustments - 2 Hour DVD Course -
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    Mastering the Basics - Wood Selection, Layout and Cutting -
    7 1/2 Hours DVD Course -
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    Mastering the Basics - Fin Carving Complete -
    10 Hours + DVD Course -
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  • Our services include fish carving pattern books

    Fish carving (Dare I say, sculpting?) is an exciting art form. It's rewarding to shape a block of wood into a life-like replica of a shimmering trout or feisty bass. Unlike taxidermy, a specimen is not needed. With a little effort and knowledge, a pattern can be made for any fish. If you want to carve a great white shark, you can carve a great white shark – I know because I have!

    Instead of my DVD courses providing a as an alternative to my hands on classes as originally planned years ago. I decided to go in the opposite direction and include everything from A-Z, even things not covered in class because of time constraints. Basically I rolled it out on the table here, nothing held back, 22 years of experience in the art of fish carving and teaching - documented. All my knowledge on the subject, little time saving tools, shortcuts, and techniques. Everything.