Outcast Fish Cat 4 LCS Deluxe Float Tube

Outcast Fishcat 4-LCS


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Here is a handy video illustrating the steps for properly installing the foam seat and seat back in a Fishcat 4 and an Outcast Fat Cat float tube.

As I age I find it less and less appealing to sit in cold water up to my navel in my (very) old Buck's Bag tube. I have read the catalog copy for Fish Cat 4 float tubes and am interested in whether they REALLY keep a 200-pounder sitting above the water. Also, is the inflatable seat and backrest really worth an extra hundred bucks over the foam-filled standard?

The Fish Cat 4 Deluxe-LCS is for you if:

Fish Cat 4 Deluxe Float Tube : Cabela's

Know the limits of your ability and the limits of your equipment. Changes in air temperature and elevation could cause the air inside the Fish Cat 4 to expand which could cause the tube to burst. Always release some air when these conditions occur.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN... Check for damaged or missing parts. Fish Cat 4 Includes: a: 1 - Fish Cat 4 - LCS b: 2 - Foam Seat Bottom Blocks (18” x 10” x 4”) c: 1 - Foam Seat Back Block (18”...