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Use this fantastic blend of menhaden oil to create an enormous scent slick for bringing in a large variety of live baits and trophy fish right to your finger tips. Simply adding a few drops on your live bait, cut baits, or artificial lures can be extremely effective. Pouring extra menhaden fish oil over your frozen fish chum blocks that you may already use or even White Marsh's dry fish chum can definitely increase results dramatically. This extra menhaden fish oil creates an abundance of fish scent in the water causing a scent trail irresistible to baits and Big Game!

Snapper,Grouper, Yellowtail fish chum. No refrigeration needed. This video shows you how to prepare the best fish chum when your ready to use it. Make it on the boat with zero waste or worry of melting fish chum. Washes off easily and attracts fish with baitfish, squid, shrimp and chum cloud menhaden oil.

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Fishing Chum is a great way to attract fish to your location . Fish chum many times is the difference between success ( or a tournament win) and failure.

We have a fishing secret and we are willing to share it. Why? Because we get a ton of requests on how to catch bait for tarpon, snook, redfish or any in-shore game fish and the truth is, what will bring in the bait? It’s all about the fish chum.