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My first visit to Fish Creel was on a Thursday and my second visit was the following Wednesday! They have lunch specials throughout the week and Thursday's is a catfish fillet plate. It includes fish, a mound of french fries, cole slaw, hushpuppies, dessert and a drink for $6. (including tax!) It was wonderful and so was the service! When...

Fishing creels include a shoulder strap that allows you to carry the creel with you as you wade out into a river or stream. You can adjust the creel so that it rests in front of you, alongside your waist or behind your back, but it must be partially submerged in the water to work properly. As you catch fish, you can drop them into the creel through the hole or slot on the top. The woven construction of a creel allows water to flow through it, keeping the fish inside cool and supplied with oxygen. Fishing creels are usually associated with fly fishing for trout on rivers and streams, but they also work for other fish in lakes and ponds. Some creels also have pockets in which you can carry extra fishing tackle, bait and tools.

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Among the other changes include harvest regulations to a 15-fish creel limit, in combination, for striped bass, hybrid striped bass, and white bass on Douglas Reservoir.

If you ever happen to be in Anderson, definitely try out the Fish Creel. It is a hole in the wall place full of grease and good food. They have a great salad bar. My favorite items on the menu are the New Orleans Style Fish and Chicken. It is spicy, but very good. They have other kinds of seafood and fish on the menu, you pretty much have to be going to Anderson to go there, but if you are ever passing through make sure to stop. They do have a back room that can be reserved for large groups.