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The Gans started raising tropical fish in 1961, when the elder Gan kept and bred guppies and angelfish. Initially, the fish were bred in a two-room flat but eventually the family went from hobbyists to fish farmers. Eventually discus fish were discovered. This was at a time when the fishkeeping hobby was still in its infancy. As an example, fish aquariums at the time were heated with kerosene lamps placed under the slate bottom, which warmed the aquarium water. Success was obtained but then in 1972 and again in 1973 disaster struck Asia, with the spread of disease that proved devastating to discus fish. The family lost much of their fish breeding stock, but their love for the discus would not fade. In the 1980s they entered discus breeding again and quickly achieved the aforementioned acclaim. The best discus fish that could be acquired were obtained, selectively bred and prize winning stock soon emerged, giving them their coveted Aquarama Fish Show victory.

Discus fish are wild fish species living waters of the river Amazon. Just like other types of freshwater fish, Discus fish can also be used as pets and became ornamental fish that are kept in the Aquarium. We have many kinds of fish Discus variety of colors produced from crosses with other colors. The collectors of ornamental fish species and still keep looking for the latest color of Discus fish crosses or mutations.

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Even for someone not particularly well acquainted with the hundreds of varieties of rare fish on display, Chatuchak’s aquarium fish market is a fascinating destination for anyone looking for a brief escape from the endless, monotonous shops in the market’s more well-known counterpart.

So what should you keep with your Discus fish? You can keep anypeaceful, slow moving fish with discus, so long as they don’t dominateor out compete the discus for food and space. Different keepers havewidely varying opinions on the subject. However, if you have a displaytank then you want to make it look nice and have more than one species,I recommend you have a large shoal of small tetras like neon’s,cardinals and rummy noses.