Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gifts by my friend Caroline!!!

Set of 10 Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gift Tags / Favor Tags


Now for the Fish Extender gifts…

is an awesome site to shop for Fish Extender Gifts. Especially once you have narrowed your theme. I found so many cute things to include in my bags. My favorite of the Oriental Trading items is the Tropical Fish Ring Pops. Seriously, how cute are those?

Overall, we had a great experience participating in our fish extender group. We would definitely do it again but I don’t know if it was wise to do it on our very first cruise. I felt a little overwhelmed with planning the cruise itself since there is so much to do (and, unlike traveling to Walt Disney World or Disneyland where I know what I’m doing, I knew nothing about planning a Disney cruise), and trying to figure out the fish extender gifts definitely added to my pre-vacation stress. Once we were on-board the ship and delivering gifts, all that chaos was long forgotten. I would definitely recommend participating at least once in your cruising life. It’s just a great way to add an extra layer of magic your unbelievable vacation. Happy sailing!!

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I know some people go the personalized gift route for Fish Extender gifts. My budget didn’t allow me to do so, but I think I have a nice selection of items to make that week on the ship a fun one.

Now comes the fun part—the actual gift giving. There is no set day or time when you can deliver your extender gifts. Some people do it all on the first day, while others choose to sprinkle them out over several days. Just make sure that all gifts are delivered before the last night so that everyone has time to pack them up before you have to turn in your luggage. We delivered all of ours at once while in port that first full day. The kids had an incredible time running around the ship, delivering gifts. They definitely enjoyed receiving the fish extender gifts but I honestly think they had more fun spreading magic to others.