Aspheric Fish Eyes Code 160AF:Aspheric range of fish eyes

XCSOURCE Clip 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens + Wide Angle + Micro Lens Kit for iPhone 4 4S 4G 5 5G 5S Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 S4 i9500 cell phone (Black) DC264B


fisheye is our meat for this play, but don't sell out too quick.

I’ve always shot with a circular fisheye on a cropped sensor DSLR, which results in black round corners, but this has never bothered me. On the few photos where this is a distraction I can cover them up with Photoshop, or crop them out. I look forward to experimenting with the lens on a full-frame sensor one day, when the whole circular image will appear in the frame.

It merely becomes a diagonal fisheye lens with reduced zoom range, and the heavily distorted fisheye effect is largely lost at the long end of the zoom range on an APS-C camera.

At this juncture fisheye returned and counted down the cash.

  • In several dubs of the anime, Fish Eye was portrayed as a female. The only exceptions were the Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, the Viz English, and Brazillian dubs. In the Korean dub, he and the Amazon Trio were cut out completely.
  • Conventionally, you have to choose between two types of fisheye lens.

    Here are fifteen examples of fisheye photos from my collection that show the versatility of the lens, and will hopefully inspire you to try one for yourself:

    On a full-frame camera such as the , the EF 8-15mm Fisheye is a wonderfully versatile lens that enables you to switch between circular and diagonal fisheye effects with a twist of the zoom ring. Image quality is very good in terms of sharpness, contrast and resistance to ghosting and flare, although colour fringing can be quite noticeable.