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Fish Faces


11 Funny Fish Faces On Flickr (PHOTOS) | The Huffington Post

Norbert Wu is an independent photographer and filmmaker who specializes in marine issues. He has taken photos in nearly every conceivable underwater locale and is the recipient of National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Grants and a Pew Marine Conservation Fellowship, the world's only prize dedicated to marine conservation. The author of several books, including Fish Faces, Mr. Wu lives near Monterey, California.

Fish viewed digital models with unfamiliar fish faces longer and from a further distance than models with familiar faces, according to a study published November 25, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Masanori Kohda ...

Here are a collection of our favorite fish faces on Flickr

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FISH FACES by Norbert Wu , Norbert Wu | Kirkus Reviews

Here are a collection of our favorite fish faces on Flickr. These people are clearly very accomplished at making fish faces, so use them as inspiration as you practice your own fish face. Fish face!

To create more of a recognition challenge, the team morphed, or blended, two or more photographs of fish faces to create a series of unique images the fish hadn't seen before, and repeated the same experiments. Again, the fish could identify the faces and passed the tests with flying colors.