Fish finder mounts are of three types:

Scotty #368 Universal Sounder Mount


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This electronic mount system works perfectly with the fish finders. You can easily mount almost all popular fish finders on this mount. This fish finder mount has a 2.5 inch diameter round base. This is a very good option to mount the on kayak or small boats.

This fish finder mount uses a patented technology which makes it really easy to remove or adjust the position of this fish finder easily. It can be fit or can be adapted to almost all fish finder.

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    The first type of fish finder that you will be told how to install are the very common and cheaper to manufacture, transom mount transducer. These transducers are slighter lower in quality than the other fish finder mounting options, but they are very versatile, and because of this they are great for almost every use. These mounts are typically made to stick out past the hull, mounted on the transom – hence the name ‘transom mount transducers’.

    A revolutionary magnetic transducer fish finder mounting system for boats. Don't drill holes in your boat-- you don't need to with this awesome revolutionary system. This video shows what you will get when you buy it from Fish Finder Mounts .com or Float Tube Fanatics .com . It comes with everything you need to mount and power your fishfinder, and it is a universal system to mount all kinds of finders and a plethora of different kinds of boats. A fish finder mounting solution for Aluminum boats, Kayaks, canoes and more!