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Fish flakes… I am cheating, I could start with a block of dried fish and shave it, but I don’t do that. You can buy this “kezuri katsuo”, bonito flakes in Asian grocery stores.

I remembered some people feed fish flakes to their tiny Drosera seedlings (if I´m not wrong Siggi Hartmeyer does this with his D. glanduligera seedlings). And as you can mince them in any size desired (under a microscope if necessary... ) it looked the most reasonable to feed fish flakes. A word and a blow! I fed pieces approx. 1/2 mm in diametre. The leaves of the seedlings are barely larger than 1 mm. (Well, the marginal tentacles not included! ;-) ) The trap leaves seem to accept the flakes but I have the feeling it´s kinda heavy diet. Despite the flakes are only wafer-thin. I have bought high quality fish flakes which are predominantly protein - consisting of various fish and shrimps. The flakes are only baked with wheat flour. Maybe it´s the wheat flour which is not easy to crack? The thing is I have expected there wouldn´t be many remains of the food after some days of digestion if at all. But in fact the flake pieces don´t shrivel much...

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Veg’ version : skip the fish flakes, replace water by vegan
Gluten free version : replace flour by rice flour.
Imo free version : replace by grated potato or corn starch + a little baking powder.

The fish flake was a permanent structure that was part of the landscape of a fishing village. These were not located too far away from the fishing stages that were built on the shoreline. The flake was built high off the ground and required stable construction with a sloping ramp to gain access to it. The ramp was required such that fishermen carried a full load of fish on barrows was able to negotiate its accent. At one end of the flake was built a building that served dual purposes. The construction of the building, called fish store, was of two story construction and had to be large enough to accommodate a season's voyage of fish on the top level. In the lower section of the fish store was kept the gear that was used for fishing, buoy's, ropes, killicks, grapples and other miscellany items.