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Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit


Humminbird Ice 35 Ice Fishing Flasher Hum-407020-1

Amazing color combination that started as a special order flasher and worked its way to the line-up. Reflective blue with the deep UV color layered with the Blink Technology. This fishing flasher is a productive piece in all water conditions.

UV Chartreuse with the amazing power of Solid UV added to the Blink Technology, you have a double dose of Fish catching power! This fish flasher has been tested and proven by top guides

New Humminbird 407020-1 Ice 35 Fishing Flasher

Humminbird Ice-35 Fishing Flasher 407020-1 407020-1

Some days you need to tone the colors down just a bit and the Black Mamba does just that. The venom this fishing flasher packs will bite any game fish that wants to tangle with it. Carbon Black paired with the Blink Technology, just drop this in the water when it starts to clear and you wont be disappointed

Big Al’s Fish Flash represents a totally unique concept in flasher fishing. It provides excellent fish attraction while producing zero drag in the water.