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More Than Gourmet Fumet De Poisson Gold Fish Fumet, Stock, 1.5 Ounce Package


Brill with fish fumet and sea herbs

A good beef stock is made with meat bones, a good fish fumet (concentrated stock) needs fish bones. Ask the fishmonger to collect the bones when he is filleting, you'll need about one kilogram. The bones have to be from lean fish like sole, halibut, plaice, flounder, etc., no bones from salmon or maquerel. By the way, if the fishmonger gave you more bones than you need: the Japanese grill the fishbones and pluck the leftover meat from it.
There are some links in the recipe to the . There you can find descriptions of how to strain, reduce, cool and keep your broth. Because that is the same for all broths and stocks, this information is gathered on one page. On that page you can also find links to other recipes for stocks and soups.

Chef Franco Carubia demonstrates an easy classic French stock known as a "fumet." Fish bones are simmered in water with lemons, vegetables and aromatics. The strained product is a lightly-colored, flavorful fish base that is great for soups and cooking. Fish fumets and fish stocks are very similar, but fumet is generally a more concentrated liquid and contains a touch of acidity from white wine or lemon.

Oh wait, fish fumet: even easier!

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Fish fumet commonly refers to concentrated fish stock.

This video offers step by step instructions on how to make a French fish Fumet . it is totally suited for beginners and is part of our basic culinary technique playlist.

Fish stock is part of many seafood base sauces, soups and other french recipes. making your own will really enhance the flavors of your dishes.

For this recipe you need:

600 grams of fresh fish bones (white fish only)
50 grams of shallots
80 grams of onion
30 grams of carrot
50 grams of butter
1 fresh bouquet garni
10Cl of White wine
salt and pepper

link to the video on how to make the bouquet garni:

For years we have used a scaled and cleaned whole bream or whiting frames as the starting point for fish fumet, but fish frames, particularly reef fish frames are usually available very cheaply from any good fishmonger. I have used red emperor, nanagai, coral trout and even Tasmanian salmon, although the salmon frames give a distinctly salmon taste.