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In 1927 the administrative functions of the original Commission were assumed by the newly established Division of Fish and Game, set up within the Department of Natural Resources. In 1927 the first deer tag ($1.00) was issued.

In 1909 the Board of Fish Commissioners' name was changed to the Fish and Game Commission, which reflected the growing importance of game conservation. The complex fish and game regulations and administration of today date from these years when the Commission was given more authority to undertake new responsibilities in the areas of conservation.

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    In 1937 the Fish and Game Commission was increased from three to its current five members, and in 1940 a constitutional amendment provided for six-year staggered terms with Commissioners appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Senate according to Government Code subsection 1774(c).

    In 1870 the Board of Fish Commissioners, the forerunner of the modern day Fish and Game Commission, was established to provide for the restoration and preservation of fish in California waters.