short for earlier fizgig, fishgig, of unknown origin

Eagle Claw Fish 5 Prong Spear


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RMP Fish Gig assembly – made with 1/4″ 12560 armor plate. Very durable. Will break more rocks than rocks breaking prongs. 7″L x 3.5″W x .25″H 10.5 ounces

New 304 SS fish gigs. Heavy duty and well made. Prongs are 5/16" in dia with large barbs, takes standard 1" OD poles, Available in 3, 4, and the five prong "head shot". We use paypal for easy and secure payment.843 819-xxxx Ed3 prong $30.004 prong $35.005 prong $40.00shipping $6.00 extra..Ed 843 819-xxxxListing originally posted at http

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    My Dad, Donald Baker (a 4th generation Blacksmith from Ellington, Missouri) had been forging and welding FISH GIGS most of his life. He first developed an interest in welding and blacksmithing in 1943 at the age of 16. America was at war with Germany and the GERMANS WERE SINKING OUR SHIPS FASTER THAN WE COULD BUILD THEM! Grandpa Baker had traveled out to Portland, Oregon to help build ships in the ship yard. After a couple of weeks, he sent for my Dad. Young Donald rode the train from Ellington, Missouri, to Portland Oregon, when he was 15 years old and learned how to weld ships. The Navy was working on fine tuning a depth charge (sunken radio routine) to sink German subs. My Dad said he remembered well an announcement one day in the ship yard... “WE’RE FINALLY MAKING SHIPS FASTER THAN THE GERMANS ARE SINKING THEM!

    The main tool of fish gigging is the gig — a three- or four-tine device that somewhat resembles a pitch fork. Gigging requires teamwork: One person steers the boat while the gigger, perched at the front of the craft, watches the water around him and signals to his partner which way to go. When fish are spotted and in reach, the person at the front of the boat makes a swift, strong jab with his gig and, if his skills are good, he's rewarded with a gigged fish.